Video coaching – Video Swim Analysis

We offer video coaching now for both swimming and running! Video swim analysis isn’t a necessity for skill improvement. However it certainly is a very useful tool! One of the benefits with video swim analysis is that you can change your technique and see what you’re doing wrong in real time. It also allows you to see what you are ACTUALLY doing as opposed to what you THINK you are doing! These can be wildly different, even for experienced athletes! Video assessment for both swimming and running allows us to target particular weaknesses in your technique; things that might be causing injury / niggles, fatigue, or just slowing you down.

For swimming, our packages are as follows:

Swimming – Sprint package £70 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback).

Swimming – Olympic package £90 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback, DVD to take away).

Swimming – Middle distance package £110 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback, DVD to take away, Full analysis report and Swim Correction Drills).

Swimming – Long distance package £130 – (as Middle distance package, with an additional 20 minute swim session for video analysis, at a later date).

For running there is a flat fee of £45 for an hour’s run coaching. This including drills, strength and stability exercises and video play back.

Our video swim analysis sessions are done at the Triathlon Shop, our major partner. They have an endless pool which allows us to video swimmers essentially on the spot. You can book here, and there will be the ability to book directly from our website soon!

Our run sessions can be done in a number of places – and is very mobile! However our main venue is at the Physio Clinic, and occasionally at the Triathlon Shop. Get in touch if you’re getting annoying niggles or want to get faster as you get fitter!