On-going plans

On-going coaching follows your season all the way through your target races from recovery, to preparation to race and back through again if that is something you are after.

It is important to have an initial one-to-one consultation, as this will help determine your targets and aims, and what you want out of this relationship. The coaching process is a two way thing, and requires athlete input – and we want you to feel comfortable with the person who is going to write your programme! In an ideal world this would be in person, but is not necessary.

You will then receive an individual training programme tailored to your ability, aims, strengths and weaknesses. This training plan will outline each individual cycle and the intentions within that; then obviously the daily sessions within each cycle. Focussed coaching means that we can look to suggest strength & conditioning elements as a holistic part of your whole schedule. This is obviously arranged around the time you have free around your lifestyle. Your programme is written on triblogs.com so that your coach can plan ahead for you – and that you can keep them abreast of how you are getting on. It is also a useful tool for yourself, to see how you progress!

Communication is key to the operation, so both athlete and coach know where they stand. Most of this will be via regular e-mail, texts, phone calls and may include one-to-one consultations or training sessions (additional charges may apply).

What are the benefits?
A coaching relationship is more than just writing training sessions and giving instruction, it revolves around understanding and getting to know the people you are working with, learning how each communicates and best works so that the optimum performance can be obtained for the athlete. Being flexible to the needs and changing situations allow for the best possible outcome.

On-going coaching is at £100/month, similar to most gym memberships – and much more motivational!