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Swim Coaching Bristol

Swim Coaching Bristol – Pool and Open Water Lessons

These are sessions that can be done on a one-off basis or as a series of sessions; or as a regular check to see how techniques are improving and progressing. We run swim coaching Bristol and around the country – similarly with run technique coaching and retraining/rehab.

Swimming efficiently is the first target; then we can look to make it faster! The main aim is to make sure everything is as high in the water as possible and minimising the resistance. There are many schools of thought, the ASA, Total Immersion, Swim Smooth – countless others. What we will look to do is help you find the way that is best for you.

Running is something that is not normally taught. We just do it. However there are many things that will help make things just a little easier and/or faster. As with swimming there are many schools of thought – Chi Running, Pose Method, Barefoot Running, heel striking… As with the above we will aim to help you with what works for your body and unique mechanics.

Sessions are £40 or 45 minutes. They are based completely around quality – so if things start to fall apart, for whatever reason we will stop. You still have my time, and we can work through things off the treadmill or out of the pool; but we won’t be encouraging bad habits! We can also do a pack of 5 sessions for £170.

Swim coaching to all levels and abilities

Swim coaching at all levels and abilities