European Age Group Championships

Friday April 20th was the date for the Standard distance event of the European Age Groups. I was lined up on the start pontoon in a wetsuit-the decision of the day with the water temperature hovering around the 20 degree

mark. I think I made the right decision, coming out the water 90 seconds clear of the field and getting out on the bike in clear air! Got caught by the overall winner – and Elite Duathlete – Mark Nolan at 15km, but was still third of everyone heading into T2. Unfortunately I pushed a little too hard on the bike and started to falter after 4km on the run. In the end I finished up 4th in the 25-29 age group, still a significant improvement on previous efforts and something to be very proud of! More work to be done, but first of all to have a little bit of rest!


Euro Age Groups, heading into T2 in 3rd overall