Why Tri-Coaching?

We know that everyone has their own motivations and approaches to training. Not everyone enjoys the process of training! Sport is a hobby apart from for the gifted few who can make a living out of it, so we need to enjoy it and need to smile! Every athlete is different and will respond to differing cues, so require alternative approaches to training. Time can be a real constraint to what you can get done in and around work or family lifestyles. We are determined to help push you toward your targets and goals in a focussed, efficient but enjoyable manner; challenging you physically and mentally.

What we want to do is engage with you as an athlete. We will help you understand what it is that will enable you to improve and take that forward into every session so you can have a strong focus. It is our strong belief that people follow coaches and/or programmes – or do drills โ€“ just because they feel that they should and donโ€™t actually have the knowledge as to how what they do will benefit them.

Our case by case basis will help create bespoke programmes for each individual athlete, or a tailored series of drills to ACTIVELY IMPROVE your swimming, running or cycling.

We want to get people thinking about the sport they are doing. Training and sport are often over complicated, but a little bit of thought and concentration can help take you a long way. Having said this, we want to take all the jargon out of it for you. WE want YOU to have a total understanding about what you are being given to do rather than feel that it is just words out of a text book!

Why online training/coaching is better for the athlete

Being a coached athlete isn’t easy. It’s something that we don’t talk about much. The easier we coaches can make the process, the more success an athlete can have.
Here’s how online training is better for the client:

  • It’s more cost effective.
  • Scheduling is no longer an issue. You as an athlete don’t have to fight for pool space to do a session you could do in your own time – that doesn’t necessarily suit you.
  • We work with the best! ๐Ÿ˜‰