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We know that everyone has their own motivations and approaches to training. Not everyone enjoys the process of training! Sport is a hobby apart from for the gifted few who can make a living out of it, so we need to enjoy it and need to smile! Every athlete is different and will respond to differing cues, so require alternative approaches to training. Time can be a real constraint to what you can get done in and around work or family lifestyles. We are determined to help push you toward your targets and goals in a focussed, efficient but enjoyable manner; challenging you physically and mentally.

We have a dedicated coaching team to offer varying services, as well as linking to some fantastic partners who can offer just that little bit more!

This site is designed to be a portal for all athletes – from novices and beginners to elites alike – and treat every individual as unique. After all, we all have our own demands, situations and lives to take care of outside of sport!



We do regular swim and run technique sessions – both in 1:1 and group sessions – and now we can do video analysis for swimming technique as well as the running! It’s a new tool for us to be able to help you!


Individually tailored to the conditions with as much contact time as required. We can do ongoing plans with unlimited contact, or more of a fixed term training plan where we can set all the sessions for you.


We work with various clubs in organising their swim and general training programmes to be as effective as possible.

What Our Clients Say

John is a very inspiring and enthusiastic coach. He is committed to ensuring his athletes got the very best of themselves and I enjoyed and progressed very quickly during my time with him. I won my first national titles swimming with him, and it certainly helped set up my development toward the Olympics in 2012 and the Commonwealth Games this year.

Siobhan Marie O’Connor

Olympic Silver Medalist // Commonwealth Gold & Silver Medalist

John has helped me over the last 3 years now, from having only just learned to swim all the way up to winning in Rio – and now on my challenge toward Tokyo 2020. John has really improved my swimming and taken the time to help me balance my stroke even with my missing leg. I can’t wait to work on the goals ahead!

Andy Lewis MBE

Paralympic Gold Medalist // World Paratriathlon Champion // European Paratriathlon Champion


Meet The Coach


Runner Up Coach of the Year 2014

Triathlon 220 Awards

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