Welcome to Tri-Coaching. We provide you with the tools and direction to improve yourself as a triathlete or other multi-sport athlete, swimmer, or just generally be fitter and healthier in everyday life! Swim coaching, cycle training or run coaching can be seen as daunting from the outside; we want to make it as fun as possible as well as improving those skills and speed!

This site is designed to be a portal for all athletes – from novices and beginners to elites alike – and treat every individual as unique. After all, we all have our own demands, situations and lives to take care of outside of sport!

Have a look at what we offer, from full on-going coaching, to specific one-off race preparation, to 1-1 swim teaching, coaching and improvement. Everything we offer is bespoke and tailored to your individual needs and aims.

Whatever your requests with regard to your training and goals, get in touch via our enquiries page and we will do what we can to assist you in your efforts.

Swim, bike or run, we can help you to be your best!

Swim, bike or run, we can help you to be your best!